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8 Reasons That America’s Deal With Iran Won’t Defend Liberty

Defend Bill of Rights

7. The Means of these Historic Samples

Reverting back to the topic of this article, how are the history lessons I gave about American Self-Defense relevant? What they teach us is what is commonly, though not inherently, needed by a Minarchist regime for it to succeed at the goal to Defend its people. How these lessons relate is that they highlight the fact of life that Defensive Force is frequently the only answer to Initial Aggression. And that means for the titular topic of this article that Iran’s belligerence will keep going. Our government lacks the loyalty the Founders had to the goal of Defending The American People. It also trains our troops to lack the will to do whatever is required, the will that characterized the Savannah Campaign.

No, this is not a call to ignore all Laws of War. It is just a suggestion that to Defend the American People is to defeat a foreign aggressor at its source. To do what it takes to totally destroy every Legitimate Military Target the aggressor controls. To earn its unconditional surrender after it reaches its mental break point.

So in short, if We The People are to defend ourselves against Iran, then as the American Revolution, Barbary Wars and Civil War prove, we are going to need to use colossal retaliation against Iran for them having initiated aggression against us every way they did. Iran proves to us every time they act that no softer route will defend the Bill of Rights, or defend the American People.

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