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8 Reasons That America’s Deal With Iran Won’t Defend Liberty

Defend Bill of Rights

4. To Defend The US Bill of Rights

Defending the Bill of Rights requires all 16 American intel agencies judging foreign nations on an individual basis as noted above, and leaving the question of “How do we Defend the Bill of Rights?” for the Legislative Branch and the US Military to answer. This is because only the Legislative can declare war, and a Libertarian Republic only wages war to defend its own from a Critical threat.

But something else is very clear, at least to me, from American Self-Defense history. The common theme throughout three different phases of US history in defending the liberty and the freedoms of the American People is the eagerness to do severe devastation to the initial aggressor. Defending “We the People” at all of these times needed total destruction of every Legitimate Military Target (LMT) under enemy control.

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