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8 Reasons That America’s Deal With Iran Won’t Defend Liberty

Defend Bill of Rights

6. Historic Sample Three

In 1864, the American Civil War was carrying on in greatly crazed conflict. It began as two ways to defend the Bill of Rights in one used by the American North.

  • Liberation to bring freedom and equality to the slaves at the time
  • Prevention to stop the American South from delivering on their threat at the time of civilly revolting.

But after three years of this, General William Sherman carried out the Savannah Campaign which was out to burn every military building, steal every military item, and rip up every train-track & road in Georgia at the time. The rationale was that if the ability and will of the aggressor to wage war was fully broken, then they would be forced to both begin releasing slaves and normalizing relations with the defender. And so Sherman and his troops spent a month marching through Georgia, purging Georgian cities of Legitimate Military Targets with full certainty. This made Southern generals like Robert E. Lee gravely unable to fight the North, as well as gravely unwilling to.

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