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8 Reasons That America’s Deal With Iran Won’t Defend Liberty

Defend Bill of Rights

2. America’s Deal Motives

Based on this news, I say our current State Department and to some degree also Defense Department base their policies on this feel-good idea that if free societies are generous to tyrannies and also benevolent to them, they will change themselves into newer, free societies.

Civilizational History is empty of examples of human biology working that way, but overflowing with samples of a totally different human biology. As a species of animal, we humans have a much easier time going with barbarism than we have being civil. The result is that our planet is full of bad countries who want to purge the world of their neighbors, and free societies need to defend against these bad countries.

We are currently governed by folks who eagerly deny this reality because it is abysmal. This is why America’s federal government completed the nuclear deal and the ransom payment. The deal and payment happened because the reality of what Iran fundamentally is as a country is not by any means a pleasant one.

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