Russian Spies? DNC Leak Leads to Embarrassing Finger Pointing

By Robert F. DeFinis

Just when you thought that the election season had reached the pinnacle of nonsense, you have the DNC this week sending in the clowns. What was supposed to be a slam dunk for the donkeys, and most likely a significant convention bump based on the Republicans theatrical rendition of Dante’s Inferno last week, we now see the Democrats strategically trying to one up the elephants. Over the weekend, the DNC desperately attempted to deflect questions regarding some of their top officials participating in their own version of Watergate, but this time it was at the expense of one of their own… well not really. WikiLeaks released close to 20,000 emails that highlighted what we all knew — Republicans are good at the game, but Democrats invented it!   

If we have learned anything from Senator Bernie Sanders over the last several months, aside from the fact that his average campaign contribution is $27.00, is that he has been calling this racket all along. Throughout the Democratic primary, his team has criticized the DNC for their partiality towards the Clinton machine, and was most critical of Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Schultz, of course, has repeatedly denied these claims. However, after watching CNN loop the dozen or so denials by her over the last six months, you almost feel bad for her… almost. The DNC has not commented on the substance and validity of the emails that question the Senator’s religion, among other things. Instead, they have moved quickly under their tireless commitment to doing the right thing and transparency. Schultz has voluntarily resigned her Chairpersonship, been given a platform to speak to the delegates today as she seeks reelection for her own congressional seat, and was offered an honorary position on the Clinton campaign – all while Democratic surrogates make the case for Russian spy games as the cause for this mess. What…just…happened?

The Democrats have mastered the art of the steal. They strategically go and manipulate a primary processes that had twenty-seven plus million Americans participate in, get called out on it, ask their top official to fall on her sword (which looks more like a promotion than punishment), provide no explanation to the Berniecrats, and then blame the Russian Republicans (the newest wing of the party). If it was any other year, this would be bizarre, but in 2016 it appears par for the course.

While the Democrats try to do damage control faster than Republicans trying to cover for Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, most of us are trying to figure out which Democratic narrative makes more sense. Donald Trump the inept buffoon who wants to build walls with pesos, or the political mastermind that orchestrated a “bromance” with a foreign president in order to win the presidency? Maybe it’s a combination at this point.

What we do know is that while the rest of the country continues to debate which pile of manure smells better, the Libertarians are looking pretty good and that whole James Weeks stripping at our convention does not look so terrible after all.

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