Facebook Looks To Cure ‘All Diseases,’ Bring Internet To Everyone

By Eric Lieberman

Facebook has gone from a simple social media company to a massive tech conglomerate.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in 2014 through his own company’s platform that Facebook “agreed to acquire Oculus VR, the leader in virtual reality technology.”

More than a year later, Zuckerberg declared Facebook’s intention of launching a satellite “into a geostationary orbit” in order to provide Internet access to “large parts of West, East and Southern Africa.”

Facebook reported in mid-July it’s testing and developing its first “internet drone,” which is a project with the ultimate goal of providing Internet access for all 7 billion people on Earth.

“I just felt this is such an important milestone for the company, and for connecting the world, that I have to be there,” says Zuckerberg, according to The Verge. It was reported Facebook’s employees working on the project were forced to wipe away tears after seeing the first initial take off of the Internet-providing aircraft.

“It was this incredibly emotional moment for everyone on the team who’s poured their lives into this for two years,” Zuckerberg explained.

Earlier this year, the Facebook CEO told investors at a conference call he sought “to cure all disease by the end of the century.”

The Menlo Park City Council, which is where its headquarters are based, approved the tech giant’s request to build new offices and expand its already enormous campus.

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