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8 Reasons That America’s Deal With Iran Won’t Defend Liberty

Defend Bill of Rights

5. Historic Samples One & Two

The very first of these was easily the American Revolutionary War. George Washington and his lesser generals knew how to defend through force and strategy. His “Hybrid Warfare” tactics combined the use of guerrilla style militias with use of an actual military. These militias would launch ruthless, “do-what-is-needed” surprise attacks against the British troops, and these British would retreat to cities like Yorktown. Then the US spent 22 days as needed collapsing 7 of every 9 British LMTs in the Siege of Yorktown. British citizens were so worried for their soldier kin that the UK ended up letting the U.S. become its own country.

Under both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the Ottoman Empire was kidnapping and slaving American civilians visiting south Europe. The result of the Turkish Empire doing this was The Barbary Wars, when the military sailed over for coastal raids on three Turkish lands: Libya, Tunisia and Algeria. The U.S. won both of these wars by acting on a passionate loyalty to the goal of victory and demolishing every LMT the Turks controlled. None of the exact numbers are known by any modern scholar.

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