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8 Reasons That America’s Deal With Iran Won’t Defend Liberty

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3. How To Judge Foreign Countries

Countries should judge foreign regimes on an individual basis as one judges human beings on an individual basis. This goes for every free society, the US being not the only one. If a foreign country is one whose behavior proves promotion and defense of the idea of liberty-filled coexistence, then that’s a nation that free and permissive maritime trade is quite possible with. But lots of countries are barbaric bullies. If a foreign regime rules over its population like sacrificial livestock, then how can it ensure peaceful coexistence?

No country of that nature can, as is revealed by scientific testing of a theory that Rudolph Rummel did. The theory Dr. Rummel was testing was invented by Thomas Paine. This theory says classically liberal regimes are always drastically less prone to war of aggression, and always drastically more into world peace, than tyrannies are. Paine gave birth to this theory when he wrote the book Common Sense in 1776. Thomas Paine argued that Tyrants will go to war and/or kill citizens of their own out of pride while Libertarian Republics will not.

Then in the late 20th century Rummel’s testing of Paine’s theory revealed Paine to be absolutely correct. His research exposed Paine as being purely on the money about how Minarchism is the form of government least likely to take innocent lives and also that minarchist regimes are the regimes who are the least likely to wage war on each other.

Basically, one must judge nations on an individual basis while also factoring in that the freer the society, the less prone to crimes of aggression they are. Rummel basically found that it is the Minarchist regimes who only wage war to Defend their constitutions and their populations.

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