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8 Reasons That America’s Deal With Iran Won’t Defend Liberty

Defend Bill of Rights

8. Right of Self-Defense: A Libertarian Ideal

This whole article on Iran focuses on something many fellow libertarians support for individual humans but oppose for free societies. The reasons given are confusing to me, but I am consistently Pro-Self-Defense. But let us define what this right is legally.

  • The right of a golden rule-abiding person or of a Free Society to use defensive force to defend one’s own life and/or to defend others’ lives, including use of deadly force.

As a libertarian the angle, I analyze the American talks with Iran from is a Right of Self-Defense angle. This means I maintain the use of defensive force is justifiable against tyrannies who rule their peoples as sacrificial livestock. I also maintain if a tyranny threatens a free society, then that society must use all it has got for victory.

In closing, I will say that if a core instinct of libertarianism is to defend liberty, then as a libertarian I advise my fellow liberty movement members to reflect on that, and on constitutionalism when thinking defense policy. But also, there are marvelous questions to ask oneself about Defending Liberty:

  • Is it defending liberty to let any regime rule its people like disposable property?
  • Is it defending liberty to not defend a friend being attacked by some tyranny?

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