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Fidel Castro & The Butcher of La Cabana Prison, Che Guevera

Fidel Castro & The Famous Butcher of La Cabana Prison, Che Guevera

Texas Senator Ted Cruz‘s father Rafael Cruz gave a rousing oratory to a group of FreedomWorks activists in Washington D.C. last week. The speech detailed the senior Cruz’s plight in Cuba and was delivered as part of a minority activist summit hosted by FreedomWorks grassroots leaders.

Cruz discusses Fidel Castro and his appeal to the Cuban people during the revolution. Even Rafael was taken in by the charismatic leader before realizing what a monster the Havanan dictator truly was. Cruz describes being beaten and tortured while serving in the army.

The father of the junior Senator from Texas explains his background in how he came to America and how his son became one of the most powerful senators in the nation. The speech is 32 minutes long.

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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.