Sex, Trump, and Anarchy – Babes vs Puritans [PODCAST]

A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having. -Emma Goldman

Today’s episode of the Freedom Report podcast is another culture jammer, analyzing a brewing war between rival clans of Donald Trump’s babe army versus the newly minted Babes of Liberty. reported that a Twitter war had broken out between the rival camps, and caused a huge stir online.

Hosts Austin Petersen and Laura Meyers discuss Donald Trump’s sex appeal, and why the Babes for Trump phenomenon is just as important to spreading his message as the Babes of Liberty group.

In this podcast is discussed the issues of Trump’s authoritarian policies, marketing a message, and how anarchist feminist Emma Goldman dealt with someone telling her not to dance. Hint: Don’t tell an anarchist feminist what to do.


Watch the livestreamed version:

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