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Gun Control Group ‘Everytown’ Tweet Backfires After Showing Magazine Loaded Backwards

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Gun control groups have become parodies of themselves. They’ve become the exact caricatures that 2nd Amendment supporters have long painted them as. They’ve done it without our help, based on their own ignorance.

The gun control group Everytown For Gun Safety tweeted the following Newsweek article:

The article itself, was written by Calandrian Simpson Kemp, a volunteer with the Texas chapter of Moms Demand Action, a ‘different’ gun control group, but whose board sits Shannon Watts, the founder of Everytown For Gun Safety.

The stock image shown in the article is problematic. If you know anything about guns, you’ve probably already noticed. If you don’t know anything about guns, you were already clued in by the headline. The stock photo depicts a handgun that could not possibly fire, because the ammunition is loaded into the magazine backwards.

This continues to fuel the longstanding annoyance that gun control advocates don’t actually know anything about the item they are trying to control or fund initiatives for.

The conflation between semi-automatic and fully automatic by gun control groups has always been a large point of contention with people who own guns. Gun control types generally act like there isn’t a meaningful difference when their error is pointed out, or accuse us of ‘gunsplaining’ in order to proudly parade their ignorance as if no faults could possibly exist. I’ve always said this is like calling a bicycle a motorcycle. A bicycle requires a manual pedal rotation for a tire rotation, while a motorcycle only requires the throttle to move. Calling a semi-automatic weapon a fully automatic one, or an assault weapon, sounds just as stupid as calling a bicycle a motorcycle.

The article itself is problematic, because it makes the case that minorities will die in classrooms if teachers are allowed to carry. It arrives at this logic because it cites minorities being disciplined more in the school system. Ultimately, this article hinges on an unspoken conclusion that teachers will execute students as a form of school discipline. This is absurd.

Shannon Watts, the founder of Everytown, has also previously tweeted a picture of a rifle completely aghast that this scary looking rifle is available for purchase at Sportsmans Warehouse.

Upon further examination, the rifle that Watts tweeted above is a bolt action .22 caliber. It’s great for hunting, so long as the animal isn’t larger than a rabbit.

Ignorance is no excuse. It’s not something to be proud of. Nobody is gunsplaining to you. We’re simply asking you to learn the very basic common sense that we know, if you’re going to parade your ignorance as common sense to promote gun control. Nobody is hurting you by asking you to know what you’re talking about.

Check out some of the reply tweets to Everytown’s backwards magazine below