12 Reasons You’re Not Getting a Libertarian Lady

7. Not Listening

Women are people. As such, they are individuals, with their own desires, motivations, life experiences and personalities. I know a book told you that they’re protecting their eggs and they’re gatekeepers to vagina-fun-land, but they’re remarkably diverse, and functioning off assumptions is not helping you. Heck, you shouldn’t even presume we’re going to match that list I made either. We’re all beautiful unique snowflakes, just like you.


Our brains develop pattern recognition to speed up our cognitive processes, but often we begin to ignore data that doesn’t fit the established patterns, which can lead to us ignoring realities around us. If you approach a woman with a mental plan laid out of all your witty lines and a checklist to her bedroom, you’re already losing in numerous ways. Instead, engage with a woman, and see what she has to say. If she happens to be a libertarian, she probably has some interesting ideas and would likely appreciate your intellectual attention. Listen to her. Seriously.

Protip: This will also help you understand if you actually want to be with her. Knowing her interests and her values are important to your eventual happiness, right?

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