12 Reasons You’re Not Getting a Libertarian Lady

6. Not Caring How You’re Perceived

I know that someone once told you to be yourself and to “F— the Haters!” but guess what – there’s nothing wrong with responding to social cues.

There are many and they are important.

This may seem a bit superficial, but let me logic it out for you: the first thing people observe is the visual. Women and men. What do your clothes say about you? Do they fit correctly? Are they nice? Are they appropriate to the event? Are they clean? Are you dressing well for your complexion and your body type? All of these things matter in terms of showing you as someone who cares about yourself and knows how to look good. Do you need to be all muscles and 6’2″? No. You just have to do the best with what you’ve got. Get a friend with fashion sense and let them make you over. Try new stuff. Buy a suit.


Take care of yourself. Besides the basic visuals, get a better sense of interaction. Notice when people stop listening to you talk, notice when they fold their arms or back away from you. Figure out how you’re coming off, and decide if that’s how you want to appear. If it is, start identifying the reactions to that, and determine if you’re comfortable with those.

Also, don’t get excessively drunk. You are not getting better looking with every drink you have. Raising your voice while drinking? Raising your voice to tell people about liberty or anarchy? Please, just stop. Stop. Stahp.

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