12 Reasons You’re Not Getting a Libertarian Lady

2. No Sense of Humor

Glaringly evident in the response to that original article – indications are that a large contingent of readers do not recognize tongue-in-cheek humor and playful caricatures. This writer realizes my duty to communicate clearly and effectively, so if I failed at that, my bad. But so many people simply failed to recognize that the list was made to entertain, amuse and bolster morale, not tease you with forbidden fruit or set up and crush your expectations.


By making fun of ourselves, our heroes, our ideas, we are normalizing the culture of liberty, not turning people off from it. Being able to laugh at yourself is essential to being confident while still being humble (as opposed to arrogant). Women like that, particularly in dating rather than a sex-only situation. We do understand however, not every man is funny himself, but you can cultivate a sense of humor and appreciate things that make everybody laugh – because laughter is a tremendous aphrodisiac, it helps us bond, and we really don’t want to have to explain jokes to you.

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