12 Reasons You’re Not Getting a Libertarian Lady

12. You’re Not Good Enough

…But you can be! Please read a very special Cracked article that will make you a better person. The first point is that the world only cares about what it get can from you. This is true of all human interaction. This does not mean that every woman needs to know the size of your wallet – it means she needs to learn what you offer that she wants. It can be good company, good sex, good humor, support, love, intellectual stimulation, but she needs to figure out what you can offer her. Being “nice”, being “good intentioned” is nothing if you aren’t selling something she wants.


It’s all markets. It’s all value. Make yourself valuable and go out there, and find us single libertarian ladies. If you feel confident you’re not guilty of any of the stuff in this list, get thee to a liberty event and find yourself a unicorn. We’re out there, and we make the best girlfriends.

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