12 Reasons You’re Not Getting a Libertarian Lady

11. Thinking You’re God’s Gift To Women

This. This. This. Look, we like confident men, but you are not God’s gift to women. Get that out of your head right now. It’s all well and good to observe your positive attributes and recognize how you can create value for someone else, but you have to walk that walk, not just talk it up. Lately I’ve been at liberty events where guys tell me how amazing they are and how women will go on a couple dates with them and then be “scared off” because the guy’s “so awesome”. They tell me how they’re reliable and trustworthy and keep their promises and how those “b*tches” are into them at first and then run off at the first sign that the woman is expected to exhibit the same level of loyalty or quality.


Forgive me, but I suspect you’re leaving out part of the story. Sure, there’s great people out there and they get dumped because they’re not exciting enough or any other number of reasons. But the level of entitlement I find in some libertarian men about how women just should like them, and how it’s the woman’s problem when, time and again, they don’t stick around, I just don’t buy it. Check yourself against every other thing on this list, but I can’t express how douchey it is to trash every woman who briefly stopped to smell your roses and didn’t like them.

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