12 Reasons You’re Not Getting a Libertarian Lady

3. Being a Creepertarian

I realize that women appear to be a novel and rare commodity at liberty events, but that’s changing pretty quickly, and being a creeper is not improving that situation. I’ve been going to liberty events for over a decade as a reasonably attractive adult woman and I will state for the record that things are way better than they used to be in the male-female ratio department and the general attitude of the men there. However, there are plenty of creepertarians who ruin it for the rest of us.


Awkward suitors who don’t observe personal space boundaries, or personal hygiene regiments – please back up and spray yourself with Lysol. I’ve been in a group of people talking about a liberty cause only to notice (and become tremendously self-conscious because) one of the guys has begun staring at me with laser-focused intensity and licking his lips. What the hell is that?

Later, they try to snap a selfie with me, as if I meant to be standing next to them. Then they ask for my number so they can text me the picture. Don’t be that guy.

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