12 Reasons You’re Not Getting a Libertarian Lady

9. Being A Dick

Don’t be a dick. Don’t slut-shame women, don’t call them “b*tches” without a hint of irony, and check yourself periodically to make sure you’re not being sexist, racist or homophobic. Why does that matter? It’s a free country, right? Because libertarianism is the opposite of collectivism, and if you judge someone’s value based on characteristics such as their sexual preferences, skin color or genitalia, you’re actually just being a collectivist, and libertarian women aren’t really into that. It’s also lacking critical thinking and generally this thing that women really like, called kindness.


You can’t win though – if you’re excessively nice to try to sleep with us, we might call you a “fedora-wearing Nice Guy” and tell you that you don’t get to put Coins of Niceness in us until sex comes out. Don’t make every interaction with a woman about the eventual chance to get in her pants. I promise you, things will improve for you if you take that to heart. Assume you’re never going to sleep with her, and then interact with her like a human being.

Speaking of “a dick”, don’t ever mention the size of your penis in a conversation. I promise you, it’s only tacky.

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