• Is Privacy an Indispensable Right?

    Is Privacy an Indispensable Right?0

    The right to privacy was indispensable to our country’s founders. That right is contained or implied throughout first ten amendments in our founding document: The Bill of Rights. Those privacy rights have been upheld and protected throughout our history. Most recently, the Supreme Court ruled in June 2018 that police must get a warrant before seizing sensitive

  • Creating a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet Is a Really Bad Idea

    Creating a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet Is a Really Bad Idea0

    Critics of America’s online discourse have heightened their objections to what they see as viewpoint bias, hate-mongering, what Bill Clinton once called “the politics of personal destruction,” and questionable content curation by social media companies. Should Social Media Be Regulated? Now some are making calls to impose government regulations to “solve” the problems they see.

  • Remember the Good that Social Media has Achieved

    Remember the Good that Social Media has Achieved0

    By Alexandra Hudson It’s the popular and fashionable thing to do these days — on both the political Left and Right — to name, shame, and blame the social media giants for the death of American democracy. The Left, still smarting from Donald Trump’s stunning victory in 2016, emphasizes the way in which social media

  • Jordan Peterson Launching New Free Speech Platform

    Jordan Peterson Launching New Free Speech Platform0

    Big news broke on Twitter Wednesday as Jordan Peterson announced that he has officially launched his new free-speech friendly platform called “Thinkspot.” Announcing Thinkspot: a new online communication platform (as promised post-Patreon): https://t.co/9Htj2t6aKA — Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) June 12, 2019 The new subscription-based platform was created as a response to Patreon and YouTube

  • The Huawei Test

    The Huawei Test0

    “Don’t solve problems.” So advised the late patriarch of management theory Peter Drucker. What could Drucker have meant? Problem-solving is the chief preoccupation and agenda of nearly all business managers and their companies. But when you “solve problems,” as Huawei’s leaders know, you tend to feed your failures, starve your strengths, and sink into costly

  • Sen. Hawley’s Moral Panic Over Social Media

    Sen. Hawley’s Moral Panic Over Social Media0

    In a hotly-worded USA Today op-ed last week, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) railed against social media sites Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He argued that, “social media wastes our time and resources,” and is “a field of little productive value” that have only “given us an addiction economy.” Sen. Hawley refers to these sites as “parasites” and blames


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