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Top 5 Feminist Pick Up Lines for Valentine’s Day

By Kitty Testa

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you don’t  have a particular lady friend to share the romance of the occasion, so you head out to the bar, or the gym, or the coffee shop—anything to avoid being alone tonight. You hope you’ll run into your single friends. You’ll make snide remarks about Hallmark Holidays and talk about how much money you saved by skipping that trip to the florist. You’ll laugh it off until next year.

And then—you see her.  An angel. A hottie.  She turns in your direction. She smiles at you. You look behind you. There’s no one there. Yes, she smiled directly at you. But wait! What’s that on her T-Shirt? Oh, no! FEMINIST AF!

And now 120 pounds of girl power is walking toward you, batting her eyes and flipping her hair. What are you going to say?

Here are five pick-up lines that might just do the trick.

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