• Once More Into the Breach

    Once More Into the Breach0

    I’ve written versions of this essay for − literally − decades.  Predating the War in Afghanistan, the entirely notional War Against Terrorism, and 9-11.  War is a problematic thing.  There are a zillion ways to fight wars stupidly and ineffectively, only a few ways to fight them properly.  US foreign policy has embarked on a

  • POLL: What Should the United States’ Policy on Afghanistan be?

    POLL: What Should the United States’ Policy on Afghanistan be?0

    LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: On Monday, President Trump announced an increase in troop levels and combat missions for the sixteen-year-old war in Afghanistan. This is a flip flop of epic proportions, which he acknowledges, and runs more in line with Hillary’s defeated strategy. The administration claims he went through a painstaking amount of research

  • Lindsey Graham VERY PLEASED With Afghanistan Plan (VIDEO)0

    Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina praised president Donald Trump’s plan to ramp up hostilities in Afghanistan, chiding Senator Rand Paul in the process. “I’m proud. I’m relieved. I’m proud of the fact that President Trump made a national security decision, not a political decision. … I’m relieved he


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