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    Conor Martin

    I am a freshman in college in St Louis Missouri. I've been interested in politics since the '08 Obama McCain race, however I didn't actually get involved until the end of the 2016 Clinton Trump race. I was a very big "MAGA Republican" till late 2017 when I started watching Ron Paul and officially jumped from the Trump Train, and became a Liberty Republican, in April of 2018 after Trump launched missiles at Syria for the second time. From there I started helping with Liberty campaigns, including Paul Curtman's Auditor campaign, Austin Petersen's Senate campaign, and Mike Wood's Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorneys race. I got involved with Young Americans for Liberty's "Win at the Door" campaigns, in July and am now the Chapter President at Fontbonne University. For fun I enjoy Civ 5 with friends, look at polling data, talking politics, and watching The West Wing, Star Gate, and the Missouri House of Representatives Debate.

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