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Missouri Democrat Caught Spreading Fake News to Discredit Pro-life Representative

On Thursday, May 9, Missouri Representative Deb Lavender (D) posted a video to her Twitter, and several other social media accounts, attacking Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R), and her pro-life position.

The video implies that Representative Coleman would oppose a measure to forbid law enforcement from shackling women in labor. What the video doesn’t display is that the proposed amendment was on a budget bill, which is not the place for a law enforcement law. Furthermore, Representative Coleman actually sponsored HB 1122, which not only would do exactly what the previously mentioned amendment would do, but Lavender did not feel bothered to cosponsor. The hypocrisy and lies are blatant at this point from Lavender.

This resulted in an outpouring of support for Representative Coleman on Twitter.

If you think Representative Lavender should apologize to Representative Coleman for spreading fake news and immediately remove this video, you can call her at 573-751-4069 and email her at [email protected]

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