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5 Horrific Acts Committed By ISIS (WARNING: Disturbing Images)

4. Destruction of Historical Artifacts Before the Time of Muhammad

ISIS destroying the statues of Nineveh, in northern Iraq

As a form of systematic cultural genocide, ISIS militants have been destroying ancient relics, antiques, and cultural heritage sites in order to create a future absent of any evidence of any other faith contradictory to Islam ever existing.

ISIS militants destroying ancient Babylonian statues
ISIS militants destroying ancient Babylonian statues

ISIS began their path of historical eradication in early 2014 when they blew up the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah, a figure important to Judeo-Christian and Islamic culture.


ISIS did not stop there, the path of destruction has included the Assyrian city of Nimrud, Hatra, Khorsabad, and the Mosul museum and public library.

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