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5 Horrific Acts Committed By ISIS (WARNING: Disturbing Images)

By R. Brownell

5. Religious Minorities Sold into Human Trafficking


The treatment of women as a form as property, whether they be sold, married off, or obtained by plunder has been seen throughout history as a commonality between different early civilizations. Yet, in the civilized west, it is still incredibly disturbing in our day and age to understand that the jihadist fighters known as ISIS are reverting the Middle East even further into a region contaminated by religious fanaticism and depravity.


Beginning in the civil war-torn state of Syria, the jihadist faction began to blaze a trail of death and violence on their way towards Iraq in order to establish a true Islamic Caliphate, a warning journalist Glenn Beck had predicted several years ago during the dawn of the Arab Spring. In order to purge the land of non-Muslims and infidels, the fighters of the Islamic State began to execute the native Yazidi population.

Apart from simply murdering the Yazidis, ISIS began to kidnap Yazidi women, who were forced into the servitude of their jihadist captors

One specific story of Yazidi slavery at the hands of ISIS entails a young girl named “Hannah” (her real name withheld for her safety) who was captured by ISIS fighters who invaded her village, and was later able to escape.

“There were 20 of them, with long beards and weapons. They said: ‘You’re coming to Mosul.’ We refused. They hit us and dragged us to their cars.”

She was taken with other women to a sports hall. Then, after a couple of weeks, to a wedding hall. In one place, there were 200 women and girls. These were slave markets. IS fighters could come to take their pick.

“We didn’t dare look at their faces. We were so afraid. One girl came back after she had been used as a sex slave and told us everything. After that, IS did not allow anyone else to return.

“They were shooting to scare us. They took whomever they wanted, by force. We were crying the whole time. We wanted to kill ourselves but we couldn’t find a way.”

One girl did manage to kill herself…

Islamic State guide to handling of sex slaves
Islamic State guide to handling of sex slaves

“Hannah’s” story is not uncommon, thousands of non-Muslim women have been kidnapped, where they later face forced conversions, marriage, or other despicable acts.

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