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5 Horrific Acts Committed By ISIS (WARNING: Disturbing Images)

2. Bringing About the End of Days


In early 2015, twenty-one young Christian men in Libya were beheaded (on camera for the world to see) by ISIS militants.  The murder of these young men was purposely done on a beach, the importance of the location was to alert the West of the impending war over the horizon; according to Graeme Wood from the Atlantic magazine “…The Islamic State awaits the army of “Rome” [Europe and the United States] whose defeat at Dabiq, Syria, will initiate the countdown to the apocalypse” according to the Koran.

These warnings of a major, climactic battle which will bring about the end of days aren’t simply a propaganda tool in order to bring impressionable young recruits into the fold, but are in fact part of the Islamic State’s overall end goal:

These include the belief that there will be only 12 legitimate caliphs, and Baghdadi is the eighth; that the armies of Rome will mass to meet the armies of Islam in northern Syria; and that Islam’s final showdown with an anti-Messiah will occur in Jerusalem after a period of renewed Islamic conquest.

The Islamic State has attached great importance to the Syrian city of Dabiq, near Aleppo. It named its propaganda magazine after the town, and celebrated madly when (at great cost) it conquered Dabiq’s strategically unimportant plains. It is here, the Prophet reportedly said, that the armies of Rome will set up their camp. The armies of Islam will meet them, and Dabiq will be Rome’s Waterloo or its Antietam.

source: the Atlantic

Continued use of social media in order to show the world their crimes is a method which is essentially being utilized to lure the United States and it’s NATO allies into exactly what the fanatics leading the Islamic State want.

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