President Trump Confirms ISIS Leader Baghdadi Killed in Delta Force Raid

9:04AM UPDATE: President Trump is holding a press conference confirming the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is believed to have been killed during a raid by U.S. Forces in Idlib, Syria, on Saturday.

The leader of the well known terrorist organization previously had a $25 million dollar bounty on his head before he was killed Saturday night, according to Fox News.

President Donald Trump hinted at the news of Baghdadi’s death on Twitter Saturday night, tweeting, “Something very big has just happened!’

U.S. Army sources told Newsweek that they have “high confidence” that Baghdadi was killed after a short firefight with Delta Force Rangers in which Baghdadi and two of his wives detonated their suicide vests. Newsweek reported that no children were killed during the attack, but the location was destroyed by an airstrike in order to avoid being turned into a shrine to the terrorist leader by sympathizers to the cause. DNA samples are currently being tested to confirm that the suspected target in the head of the former Islamic caliphate, according to Newsweek.

While President Trump has yet to make an official statement regarding the death of the former ISIS leader, many have taken to social media to vocalize their support for President Trump’s approval of the mission, which is believed to have eliminated Baghdadi.

President Trump is expected to make an official statement regarding the raid at 9 AM Sunday.

The news of the possible death of the leader of ISIS, as well as the elimination of the former Islamic caliphate in March 2019, appears to be dealing significant blows to the terrorist organization. One can certainly hope that American involvement in the region will soon come to an end.

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