How To Carve a Ron Paul Pumpkin

If you’re looking to spook your Progressive or Neocon neighbors this Halloween, you can scare all the warmongers off with a Ron Paul pumpkin.

Get the free pattern here at

The website Pumpkin Glow hosts a large variety of patterns from easy to advanced featuring cartoon characters, super heroes, actors and famous people (and a ton of Robin Williams patterns).

The site master Jay Ball will even do commissions for personalized patterns.

The Ron Paul pattern is an Advanced Pattern.



Don’t be too intimidated though. This was the first pumpkin I ever carved in my life back in 2012. It came out fine. The Ron Paul pattern has only clean cuts and no shading (cutting the skin off and shaving halfway through the pumpkin meat).

Do the small pieces first, and take your time. If you feel like you’re starting to rush, it’s time for a break. The site has plenty of tips and tricks.

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