Feminist Magazine: College Frats Are Basically ISIS

Blake Neff

A writer for Ms., one of America’s premier feminist publications, has published an article complaining about America’s concern for ISIS’s anti-woman atrocities while ignoring a “similar” situation that allegedly exists on America’s college campuses.

Attorney Amy Lauricella points out that the media has given heavy coverage to ISIS atrocities, including the group’s treatment of women. Within the group’s self-proclaimed caliphate, women are used as sex slaves, forced into unwanted marriages, and sometimes even executed for refusing to participate in “sexual jihad.”

Lauricella finds something bothersome with all this coverage, though. When the media covers ISIS’s rape regime, “the reader gets the impression that ISIS’ treatment of women is an anomaly in modern-day society,” she says. And that’s just not right.

“While ISIS endorses sexual assault, American college administrations similarly facilitate and perpetuate the rape of women on campuses,” writes attorney Amy Lauricella. “Sexual violence becomes institutionalized through complicity.”

Ms. doubled down on Lauricella’s ISIS analogy in tweets linking to her story:

Lauricella grounds her article in the oft-cited claim that one in five women are sexually assaulted while at college, though that stat has strongly disputed by the Department of Justice and others. According to Lauricella, universities are rife with “target rape,” a recently-coined term for the allegedly-widespread practice of fraternities and other male-dominated groups systematically acting to achieve the rape of women.  (RELATED: Are 20 Percent Of Women Really Sexually Assaulted In College?) 

As an example of the supposed prevalence of target rape, Lauricella points to the high-profile rape trial of Owen Labrie, a student at the elite St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire. Labrie was charged with assaulting a girl while allegedly partaking in a “senior salute” tradition that encouraged students to rack up a high score of sexual encounters. Notably, while Lauricella cites this as the premier example of target rape, Labrie was acquitted of rape charges, instead only being convicted on several lesser charges.

Nevertheless, Lauricella plows on ahead, once again making the direct comparison to ISIS.

“ISIS’ treatment of Yazidi women as sexual slaves may seem far removed from fraternity or athletic team members’ treatment of women as sexual objects for conquest, however the results are distressingly similar,” she says, though she cites no examples of systematic gang rape or execution of non-compliant women at a college campus. “Propagating the idea that ‘they’ commit atrocities while implying that ‘we’ are innocent of condoning sexual assault does not help us understand and effectively act to end sexual violence against women and girls everywhere.”

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