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Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Have to Be Liberal or Conservative

6.  Check the Bill of Rights 

In the 20th century, Liberals used to be proponents of the Bill of Rights, at least where free speech and press were concerned, and they championed the right to be free form illegal search and seizure, though were always a little weak on the second amendment. During that same period, Conservatives used to be the ones who complained against limitations on search and seizure, but were strong advocates of the second amendment. Free speech was once the province of Liberals, who stood up to the House  UnAmerican Activities Committee, and Conservatives used to favor private militias and private property rights. Today, neither Liberals nor Conservatives stand behind the Bill of Rights.  Both groups advocate for terrorist watch lists that take away civil liberties without due process.  If you support the Bill of Rights in its entirety, you are neither a Liberal nor a Conservative.

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