Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Have to Be Liberal or Conservative

2.  Continuum in Cultural Identity 

Some people allow their ethnicity, their sexual orientation or their skin color to influence their political identification. Not everything is black or white, they will tell you, but skin color is, and how you are treated due to skin color requires a particular political affiliation. Or they will say that some things are a matter of personal  preference, but sexual orientation is not, and sexual orientation decides for you which political camp you align with. This is not true on so many levels. The idea that race or skin color is a binary choice between black and white is patently absurd. Most people in the United States are of mixed blood, and many who identify as white have Asian, African and Native American ancestors. Many who identify as black also have European, Asian and Native American ancestors. Sexual orientation, too, is not binary, and there is a continuum of sexual preferences with varying degrees of personal choice. Our identity as individuals is a cultural construct. The idea of having to choose between Liberal and Conservative is a fallacy.

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