2016 Presidential Race

Top 10 Reasons Why Hispanics Should Vote for Rand Paul

#6. He Will Reduce the Size of the Welfare State

In the U.S., the Hispanic community has built a strong reputation for its hard work and entrepreneurial prowess. According to recent reports, they are the population group with the second lowest percentage of people on welfare. If Hispanics want to continue on the road prosperity, they must not fall for the siren song of the welfare state.

Under a Rand Paul presidency, welfare will be a thing of the past. Rand Paul’s plans are to phase out Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and encourage private saying plans in their stead. The long-term goal is to have a complete separation of savings and state.

Welfare is well-known for making its recipients dependent on government assistance. It has also served as a clever vote-buying scheme for statist politicians. One need not look any further at the devastating impact that welfare has had on the African-American community. Despite being stuck in a state of government dependency, the African-American community continues to be a monolithic voting bloc for the Democrat party.

Hispanic voters should be weary of any politician —Democrat or Republican— that proposes any more expansions of the welfare state. Hispanics have beaten poverty through entrepreneurship and hard work, not through government assistance. The aforementioned African-American case should be a fair warning to the Hispanic community of what happens to communities that buy into the soup kitchen of the welfare state.

When it comes to curbing the welfare state and ensuring economic prosperity, a Rand Paul presidency is the Hispanic community’s best bet.

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