2016 Presidential Race

Top 10 Reasons Why Hispanics Should Vote for Rand Paul

#3. He Defends Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Business regulations in the U.S. are at all-time highs. With an alphabet soup of federal agencies ranging from the EPA to the FDA, the aspiring entrepreneur finds himself stuck in a cost prohibitive regulatory maze.

Regulations are essentially hidden taxes that only make it harder for entrepreneurs to start-up their businesses. For the humble entrepreneur, the current regulatory framework is at times just to cost prohibitive for them.

According to a 2013 report from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic business growth is 2 times faster than the national average. Entrepreneurship as a means of poverty reduction is well documented. Adding more regulatory hurdles does the Hispanic community no favors, especially those that are recent immigrants or trying to join the middle class.

A Rand Paul administration will fight burdensome agencies and unelected bureaucrats that impede business growth. Rand Paul is the true free market candidate. Free markets are what made America great and have allowed for countless minorities such as Hispanics to thrive and prosper.

Unlike most Republican candidates, Rand Paul’s policies consist of taking power away from unelected bureaucrats and eventually eliminating certain departments and regulations. Free market reforms are not crony capitalist measures or lukewarm tax-cuts; they are wholesale reductions of government regulations that allow for people to run their businesses freely.

Hispanic voters should be weary of any candidate that talks a big game about free markets, but that does not have concrete plans to actually reduce the size of the State. Make no mistake about it —Rand Paul is the Hispanic entrepreneur’s best friend.

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