2016 Presidential Race

Top 10 Reasons Why Hispanics Should Vote for Rand Paul

#2. He is A Champion of Affordable and Accessible Education

Even though high school dropout rates have seen significant declines in the past few decades, Hispanics from ages 18 to 24 are at the top of the list of racial groups with the highest dropout rates. According to Pew Research data, Hispanics have a dropout rate of 14%.

The one size fits all education system that the U.S. has does not cut it for the Hispanic community. The high dropout rate amongst Hispanics should be no surprise. When you have an over bureaucratized education system where only teacher unions and administrators benefit, it is no shock why many Hispanic students don’t see much opportunity for social advancement.

Rand Paul’s educational policies would drastically alleviate this problem. Through the abolition of Common Core and the Department of Education, power will finally be returned to students, families, and teachers. Paul’s proposal will allow for students and families to choose from whatever schooling system they see fit — whether it be public, charter, private, home school, or online.

The Hispanic community does not need any more top-down educational programs that purportedly give them a helping hand. What this community needs is empowerment through the free market. Paul’s vision allows for the key ingredient missing in today’s educational system —completion. Everyone benefits under this arrangement.

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