The 10 Most Common Types of Libertarian

3. Goldbug or Crypto-Currency Trader

Avens O'Brien & Peter Schiff
The author (Avens O’Brien) & her former boss, Peter Schiff.

Whether they have gold bars under their mattresses, or they like to list off all the businesses in their area now accepting various crypto-currencies, these people are their own special level of delightfully dollar-shy weird. The goldbugs will generally tell you that everything sucks since Nixon took us off the gold standard and how every single problem we’ve had since can be traced back to that. (Or for bonus points – the start of The Federal Reserve). The Bitcoin type are far more optimistic, and will explain how the future is now and everything will change now that we can trade for drugs on Tor. These two types are hilariously opposite in so many ways, but what they share is a burning hatred for the Federal Reserve. If they’re wearing a bowtie, ask if you can friend them on

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