The 10 Most Common Types of Libertarian

5. Left-Libertarian

Cory Massimino and Kelly Vee

This group is often what I think of when I remember that Ayn Rand called libertarians “hippies of the right”, even though this group is considered left for various reasons. Left-libertarians may be quick to remind you that the Libertarian Party was correct on gay rights and pot legalization back in 1972, but then explain how the liberty movement hasn’t done enough to reach out to women and minorities. Generally, they say our messaging is our biggest problem (and they’re probably right, though their solutions are certainly debatable). Some of this crowd reads a bit of Chomsky and Rawls, which changes their terminology and their faith in the invisible hand. This group includes such thoughtful writers as TLR’s own Micah Fleck and most everybody over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians. If you’re stuck talking to a Democrat at a dinner party and they’re accusing you of being a Koch-sucking capitalist who wants to drink the tears of child-laborers, I recommend you familiarize yourself with the arguments presented by left-libertarians. You can make friends and influence people!

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