The 10 Most Common Types of Libertarian

8. Militant Anarchist Activist

I wouldn’t call either of these “militants”, but they’re some of the best Anarchists you’ll ever meet. Angela Keaton & Jeffrey Tucker.

Ah, the anarchists. Before I elaborate – there are philosophical anarchists who aren’t in this category, but this is a special type of its own. The militants are heavyweights. They also hate me calling them “militant”, but I have my reasons. Some of the more prominent activists have indicated if you aren’t an anarchist, you aren’t really a libertarian (to be fair – they can make some decent points about consistent application of the NAP). There are numerous polarizing figures with YouTube channels you can rally behind if militant anarchism is your interest. There’s an interesting congregation of people who like to get as radical as possible and propose disaffiliation with anyone who isn’t hardcore enough for them. Their occasional intolerance for skeptical non-anarchists starts to make you wonder if they’d really enjoy a world of liberty where people might disagree with them about preferable behavior. Bring weed for the hangout session and you’ll generally find the softer side of militant anarchism. Or end up a guest on someone’s podcast.

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