The 10 Most Common Types of Libertarian

Bonus: Go Away & Leave Me Alone!


Naomi Brockwell says “back off”.

Since a number of people don’t believe the previous 10 types appropriately account for this one, I’m contending there’s another type. Let’s be clear though: all libertarians are generally “live and let live” folks. They just come in various other trappings. The “go away and leave me alone” crowd is pretty common. Frankly, they’re the origin of the idea that getting libertarians together for a common purpose is like herding cats. Don’t ask these people to volunteer for your cause or anything. They just want to live their lives, and not tell other people how to live theirs. This type can be great because they don’t share the paternalistic tendencies of the more conservative or liberal leaning libertarians, but unfortunately they often make outsiders think they don’t care about anything else but their own liberty and they’re selfish and the very reason a voluntary society wouldn’t “work”. But for all the “go away and leave me alone” they emphasize, they’re still pretty fond of voluntary trade and association, so really, their bark is worse than their bite.

In conclusion…

So there you have your ten most common types of libertarian. Let me note that I know people in each of these categories (and many who fit numerous ones) and I love them. I’m at least half of them, and that’s okay. We’re a wild bunch of individuals. We are a movement of intellectuals and activists, of content creators and debaters, a movement that in-fights more than it ought to, but it’s only because we’re the ones courageous enough to speak up when we see something we sincerely believe is wrong – that’s why we’re all here, speaking out against state power and monopolies of violence. We’re used to speaking out, let’s not forget who the enemy is.

Be courageous, be useful, be kind and be a little crazy — lastly, remember to have a sense of humor about it too.

Author’s note: if this article looks familiar, it’s because I improved an old article of mine which can be found here

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