Digital Marketing Surpasses Traditional Outlets

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By Dries Van Thielen

Youtubers and digital media advertisers have been forecasting the catching-up of digital marketing over traditional marketing for years. Earlier this year, YouTuber Matpat proved that it is more efficient for a company to spend its advertising budget on YouTube-ads rather than Superbowl commercials. However, his findings might be somewhat subjective.

Traditional < Digital

Nonetheless, a recent study proved this gut feeling. An analysis by Magna Global uncovered that budget spending on digital media has surpassed the output on traditional platforms worldwide in 2017. This year ad spending on digital platforms (Google Ad Words, Facebook, Instagram) reached an all-time high around $209 billion. Whereas tradition platforms (billboards, television,…) remained stable at $179 billion.

The only way is up

This is just the beginning. The research expects digital marketing to increase exponentially. By 2021, spending on digital media will skyrocket to $347.7 billion in sales when traditional media will rake in around $183 billion.

The investigators interviewed professionals on their expected investing strategies. Content Creation – the Holy Grail of marketing according to Gary Vaynerchuk – topped the list. Other trends include e-mail marketing and the wider use of social media.

Further thoughts from a recent Lenore Hawkins recent thoughts on this inevitability:

Consumers are no longer satisfied with the traditional push model of content delivery as was the norm in a TV-driven world. Today they want what they want when they want where they want and how they want. This increasingly means on mobile devices where consumers can pull content that interests them. Those companies that can capitalize on the technologies and platforms that enable this trend are at the intersection of our Content is King and Connected Society investing themes.

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