What to Look for in a Lawyer

It is essential to hire the right lawyer, because they can determine whether you win or lose a case. It is therefore essential you make an informed decision when considering an attorney, which is why we are offering some informative advice on what to look for in a lawyer.


While many up-and-coming lawyers might have the legal knowledge to fight your corner, an experienced attorney will have the experience to identify common gaps in a person’s testimony, will have extensive experience dealing with judges and may have provided representation for similar arguments in the past.


If you are charged with a crime and seeking representation for criminal defense, you will want to work alongside a lawyer who can communicate with you without all the legal jargon. If a lawyer speaks in technical terms, you might never know where you stand within the law, so you are unable to make an informed decision.


The last thing you will want is to hire a lawyer who is too busy to show up at court, or late because they were dealing with another client. You will also want to be able to contact them for additional advice, should you need it. Hiring the best representation means hiring someone who can continually represent you over sending in a temporary lawyer to take over your case.


Never hire a lawyer who is judgemental, which can sometimes be the case with a criminal defense. A legal battle is hard enough without thinking your attorney is out to get you, too – which they won’t be because they will want to win just as much as you, but it may still prevent you from building a rapport with a lawyer, which may make you less open to offering your story and could potentially harm your case.


Don’t just hire the lawyer who has a nice website. Hire a lawyer who has the knowledge, experience and references to effectively represent you. Don’t be afraid to ask an attorney for references before you decide – and follow up on their references to discuss their service and competency.


Ask a lawyer as many questions as you like to identify if they are the right attorney for your legal needs. For example, you should ask them if they have ever dealt with a similar case and, if so, the outcome of that case.

Also, ask the lawyer if they have ever lost a case and why they think they lost it. The more transparent they are about their past experiences, the more you can trust they are the right candidate for your requirements.

The Right Fees

Different lawyers will offer different fees, so discuss the rates before you embark with their services. For example, some attorneys may offer legal fees between $50 to $1,000 per hour, which is often determined by the firm’s reputation, size, location and experience. Also, it is important to be aware that an inexperienced attorney may offer a low fee, but they may also take twice as long – so they could end up costing you more money.

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