Powerful Anti-Gun Org Takes Aim at Local Radio Host. He Returns Fire Like a Gangsta

Everybody’s favorite cheerleader for “common sense total and complete gun confiscation,” Shannon R Watts threatened to call the police on Austin Petersen during a Twitter meltdown.

Watts is the founder of the gun-grabbing lobbyist group Moms Demand Action. Petersen is a former Presidential and U.S. Senate Candidate, and current morning show host on KWOS in Jefferson City, MO.

Watts tagged the FBI in a tweet, and stated she would be calling the police because Petersen remarked he would not be giving up guns he legally owns and opposes gun control.

It’s unclear if she actually has contacted the authorities aside from tagging the FBI for what is apparently a thought crime.

Read the exchange below:

Petersen stated (rather bluntly) that he would oppose gun control no matter the circumstance or tragedy. Watts appears to believe that holding such a belief is worthy of locking someone in a cage.

Check out some responses from other Twitter users below:

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