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Ion Fury Game Developers Defy PC Police

Developers Voidpoint and 3D Realms recently came under severe criticism for a joke gag described as “hateful and homophobic” in their new title Ion Fury.

After initially walking it back, the developers later responded to actual criticisms by fans and consumers that they were being artistically censored for wrong-think by instead keeping the content within the game.

This controversially hateful content? A shampoo bottle in-game changed from the name “OLAY” to “OGAY” as a teasing jab at users of the hair care product and a clever memetic style callback to the famously edgy Duke Nukem series.

This is on the heels of news breaking last week that private discussions between developers were “sexist, ableist, homophobic, and transphobic“, in which the developers responded by donating $10,000 to pro-LGBT non-profit The Trevor Project.

Of course, this decision to stand by the principle of free speech and the sanctity of offensive comedy as an art has had no shortage of backlash on Twitter from the blue check marks and PC Police:

In fact, the developers have taken the time to call out some of these verified professional games journalists.

Of course, many players and content creators have come to the defense of the developers for their right to an artistic expression not in line with the cultural gatekeepers of the least fun parts of the internet:

Ion Fury is currently available for PC on Steam.  YouTuber, TheQuartering, gives a more comprehensive analysis of the controversy:


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