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Eric Swalwell Gets Into Twitter Fight With Austin Petersen, Gets McNuked

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-D) once famously implied that he would be willing to use nuclear weapons against gun owners who refused to give up guns.

Ironically, Swalwell got proverbially Nuked on Twitter after engaging in a gun control debate on Twitter.

The debate stems from a Twitter Meltdown by Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts, who threatened to call law enforcement on KWOS Radio Host Austin Petersen, for the thought crime of opposing gun control.

Representative Swalwell picked up on the debate after the fact, and chimed in.

Jaime was a student who tragically died in the Florida school shooting. However, Swalwell chose to stand on the grave of the dead, and through False Choice fallacy linked Austin Petersen to that murder by association. The association of being a gun owner.

Petersen extended an invitation to Swalwell to call into his radio show. No acceptance or acknowledgement of the invitation has been received at this time.

Swalwell made the mistake of thinking he was dealing with the Milquetoast moderate NRA supporters. No such luck.

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