‘Adorable Drug Kingpin’ is DEA Official’s Daughter

Sarah Furay has gotten widespread media exposure and had her pictured shared all over the internet. The college-aged drug dealer’s mugshot has to be one of the happiest ever taken. The photo has earned her the nickname ‘the adorable kingpin.’

But the story gets more interesting. Furay, who was arrested with copious amounts of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, meth, and an “LSD-like” substance, is actually the daughter of a high ranking DEA official.

Her father, Bill Furay, is a DEA agent who once in charge of the Galveston, Texas office. He is reportedly now stationed in Panama.

I think her smile makes more sense now. That’s not a girl who is happy she got arrested; that’s a girl who is happy to ruin her father’s day…

Of course, what does it say for our “war on drugs” when the DEA can’t even keep drugs out of the hands of their own daughters? Maybe it’s time to rethink our strategy.


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