The 10 Hottest Libertarian Men Of 2016

9. Joshua Wilson

Joshua 11

Joshua Wilson, C.M.T. is under the radar for most Libertarian readers—perhaps because this former farm boy from rural Alabama is busy leading a free-market lifestyle and building a business. Wilson anchors nationally ranked investment advisory firm WorthPointe Wealth Management as a Partner and Chief Investment officer. Classifying Wilson remains a difficult task.  A former Ivy League football player, he stands 6’4″ and tips the scales at 250 pounds—which we can’t help but note would be an imposing figure to have standing behind a podium one day.

Josh is a particularly interesting figure due to his background and ability to relate to a wide audience. How many can honestly say they’ve earned acceptance by intellectual elite, raised by a blue collar Christian minister in the Deep South, and have been named one of the hottest bachelors in a large city?

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