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dogshotJONES COUNTY, GA – Anna “Chrissy” Music-Peed went to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department for help with a vehicle left on her property that she suspected was stolen. She wanted the police to come and check it out but specifically requested that they not shoot her dogs when they come to the property. So when the police arrived, they shot her 10-month-old dog point-blank in the head when her jumpy puppy came to play.

From PoliceStateUSA:

“The puppy may jump, we have been trying to get her out of that,” Music explained, stating that the dogs were friendly puppies.  She said the officers laughed and told her not to worry about it.  Unconvinced, she emphasized again:  “PLEASE don’t shoot my dogs, they are my babies.” The officers asked her to stay at the station while units were sent to her home to obtain the property and arrest the individual who may have stolen it.  Her dogs, Ammo and Half-Pint, and roommate, Kyle Sewall, age 22, waited at home.  Sewall gave his account in an exclusive interview with “I was waiting on officers to arrive, Ammo needed to go the bathroom and she had been whimpering for 15 minutes.  So I gave in and let her out,” said Sewall.  “The person who had stolen the property was outside cleaning the stolen vehicle with a shop-vac and while I kept an eye on Ammo I was talking to him playing it cool.” He continued:

“About 5 minutes later is when the sheriffs pulled up, came flying in. Sgt Little was exiting the vehicle and as he was exiting I noticed he already had his sidearm trained on Ammo who was just sniffing around the ground wagging her tail. And then she looked up at him, did not growl, did not bark, and before I could say anything he fired his weapon. Shot her point blank in the head,”Sewall told

“I went to go rush toward Ammo and he trained his weapon on me,” Sewall explained. “I identified myself saying, ‘I am Kyle, lower your weapon.’ He did and they allowed me to tend to Ammo.”

Luckily the dog, Ammo, survived. The family has set up a site to raise money to help pay for the surgery. They are also raising lawyer fees to sue the police department.

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  • Jeff Brown

    Cop needs to know the feeling of retribution.

  • Conservativesniper

    More evidence that halfwits are the only applicants accepted by police academies/depts..

  • hanoverboxer

    What a noggin on that dog, that it could stop a bullet!

  • dinkster

    This was intentional to teach that woman a lesson for questioning them.

    • Holo

      Doubt it. They probably sent someone who didn’t know how to react around dogs and doesn’t know their body language. It’s easy to misinterpret.

      • Patrick Fallon

        if you call your self a cop you are supposed to be able to,or you should not be carrying one

  • Mike Santino


  • kevin heritier

    retarded cops everywhere. Go to hell

  • Holo

    First off why the hell wasn’t the dog on a leash? It’s freaken law. Also that dumb roommate should have kept the dogs inside. You don’t know how a person will react to a dog and vice versa. I don’t care if its a cop, a grandma, or even the vet. I’ve had to muzzle a dog before because it was so scared of the vet. ALWAYS control your dogs. I’m so glad he survived, but come on people. Use your brain when you have animals. I had to have a cop come out to my place to file a report. Guess what? I kept my dog inside, in her cage even, just in case the cop had to come inside. She only comes out around people if the person is okay with dogs.

    • bill1978

      The dog wasn’t on a leash because it was on the owner’s property. And the cop shouldn’t have shot the dog, period. Absolutely no excuse for that, no possible justification beyond wanting to act like a toughguy. He should lose his job.

      • Holo

        Um bill, the dog still has to be on a leash unless the property is fenced. Please educate yourself on leash laws. Your little post is an opinion, not a fact. There are other possibilities, and more logical ones, than wanting to act like a tough guy.

        • bill1978

          The irony here is that you’re so busy being condescending that you didn’t notice how stupid you sound. If you’d read the article carefully, as I did, you would notice that there is no mention of whether or not the property is fenced. And dogs do not have to be leashed on private property where I live; maybe that’s different where you live, or maybe you’re an Internet blowhard overcompensating for an unfulfilling personal life.

          If you had trouble reading that, I’ll sum up:

          1. Nothing says the yard wasn’t fenced.

          2. You don’t have to leash a dog on private property.

          3. You should read more.

          4. Please don’t vote or handle sharp objects.

          • Holo

            Wow you lack common sense. If you read the article as carefully as you said you could have realized that there was no fence from the facts presented. Maybe you need to read your law again as yes they have to be restricted at all times. A fence is a way to restrain them. Hence why they don’t need a leash on fenced property. I”m sorry that the fact that I’m smarter than you pisses you off. Try not to hurt yourself throwing your next hissy fit.

          • Patrick Fallon

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          • Bullitt4011

            Sorry but you are WRONG!. My dogs ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE LEASHED WHEN ON MY PRIVATE PROPERTY. Animal control (sheriff’s department employees with guns) have been to my home on MULTIPLE occasions JUST FOR someone with YOUR BELIEF. Sorry YOU ARE WRONG! My dogs can be ANYWHERE on their property without a leash! You appear to be a little dense, not smarter than anyone that I can see.

          • Holo

            Wow really…This was so two months ago. Quit spamming my email with your bull shit. Yes I’m right, you don’t know what you are talking about, and you are lucky. Only immature idiots capitalize like you do. Get a life and quit throwing a tantrum over the fact you are wrong.

          • Courtney Jenkins

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  • Layron

    every time I read something like this, I am reminded how cowardly cops are. frightened of a animal that’s half to quarter of your size? to the point of needing to kill it? frankly I think it should be a crime for a cop to even draw their weapon unless they SEE someone with some similar weapon, you know appropriate force? and guess what? a pair of teeth is not equal to a gun. hell, it’s more dangerous to get bitten by a human than a dog anyhow.

  • ok4good

    True story: I live in Seattle and met a gal who was walking her three legged dog in the Public Market. The gal said that she called the police because her brother was high on crack in her basement and being scary-abusive. She said the Seattle cops walked into her house saw the dog, and out of the blue, one of them pulls his side arm and shoots the dog! She said the dog barked once at the cop, but did not growl or become aggressive. In fact, she said, after she told the dog to shut up, the dog was walking back into the kitchen. Needless to say the woman didn’t have anything pleasant to say about Seattle PD and was pissed that the vet bills cost 6 grand, and of course the cops lied their asses off about the while thing. She filed complaint after complaint against the officers, but naturally, they’re still on the beat. The dog was a very sweet brown lab mix. Just broke your heart.