Elon Praises Canadian Truckers, Unloads On Government

Tesla Technoking Elon Musk took to Twitter on Thursday, the day after Tesla revealed a record earnings beat for the 4th Quarter of 2021. He had a very scathing session, and unloaded on politicians and the UN.

Musk Tweeted out that Canadian truckers rule, who are currently in a 50km long convoy bound for Ottowa in protest of vaccine mandates. He also followed up the tweet stating that CB Radios (which truckers use for communication) are free from government and media control.


A responder to Elon commented that government overreach was getting out of control, to which he replied that freedom is being stripped away one piece at a time until it’s gone. He later tweeted that if you scare people enough, they will demand removal of their own freedom.


Musk then turned his ire to basically everyone in government all over Twitter.

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara tweeted in response to Musk saying during yesterday’s earnings call that he was pushing to change the rules on telematics for California drivers. Lara stated that they would not budge.

Musk replied that Lara should be voted out of office, and that Lara is the reason why California insurance premiums are so high.

A Twitter user replied to Musk stating that the people should be able to decide whether their driving data is shared with the government, which Elon replied exactly.

An article was posted on Disclose TV stating that Sweden would not be mandating vaccinations for children 5-11 years of age. Musk replied that he was in awe of Sweden. An account replied stating that Denmark was looking to axe their mandates, to which Musk replied with a thumbs up.

Elon also shared a Lord of the Rings meme stating that government would be unwilling to give up their newfound emergency powers.



Peter Attia posted an article about why he was both pro vaccine and anti-mandate, which earned a reply of approval from Elon.

Next Elon took shots at the United Nations, asking why they haven’t released the global death data from 2020 yet, and followed up with a meme indicating that the UN takes money in exchange for doing nothing.


UPDATE: Elon Musk has since deleted the meme he posted with this tweet, and a screenshot is being placed in the article.



President Biden continues to hock GM and Ford as the EV Leaders while never mentioning the name Tesla, the actual leading American EV manufacturer. Elon stated that Biden is treating the American people like fools.

Musk then jumped into President Biden’s tweet, making it known that Tesla is leading the EV Revolution, and during the exchange called Biden a damp sock puppet in human form.

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