Tips for Moving: How to Find a Reliable Moving Company

Moving to a new place might sound promising or stressful — this depends on the circumstances and, not unimportantly, the way you approach the task. The undertaking can turn into a proper nightmare if a seemingly tiny detail manages to slip your mind, often producing a domino effect. That’s why delegating the mission to professional moving companies might be a viable solution. Learn how to find an organization you can rely on and make sure you stay in control without doing everything on your own.

Why Hire Professionals

For the majority of people, a moving company probably sounds like a bunch of people who help you load your boxes on a truck and squeeze that old piano your grandma used to play on into your new home’s doors, chipping the paint on both the piano and the doors. In fact, however, it doesn’t have to be like this.

When you move house, it’s not about merely loading and unloading stuff. Companies like are willing to take care of a wide range of customer needs during this period, including, among other things, the following:

  • storage room in case you’re at a loss as to where to keep your belongings;
  • special treatment for fragile and otherwise delicate items as well as precious possessions like fine art;
  • assisting you at the stage of packing, which might include helping you disassemble bigger furniture;
  • even cleaning your new place after the moving is done.

Apart from offering a breadth of moving-related services, such organizations can lift a huge weight off your shoulders by contributing to the planning phase. Be sure to consult a representative of your contractor once you find one, and you’ll see how easy it is to define the scope of work and estimate the cost. Speaking of estimates, many people fear that the company they choose won’t honor these preliminary figures at all. This brings us to the next idea, i.e., that of a good moving provider.

Finding a Team You Can Trust

Flexibility is vital when it comes to moving house, and it is an essential quality of a good moving company as you’ll want the team to adjust to your needs. This, however, should not translate to obscure contracts and vague terms and conditions. What you are looking for are transparency and dependability.

Searching the Web for local contractors is a good place to start, but be sure to find some customer reviews. An even better strategy would be to ask your friends who have moved house recently. Pay attention to cases similar to yours, especially if you own some kind of peculiar possession.

When you have several candidates, contact their representatives and discuss the terms and conditions. It’s best to choose a clear and unambiguous pricing policy over ultra-low prices. Make sure the company understands your special requests, if any, and is aware of any potential bottlenecks/pitfalls.

Other Things to Consider

If you can afford the luxury of planning your move beforehand, it’s a great opportunity to book a time when the moving companies aren’t their busiest. For most organizations in the US, the high season is between May and mid-September.

As a truck owner, you might choose to only hire the labor, but you should be aware that not every company will agree to that. It’s best to find out in advance whether you can limit the scope accordingly and how it will affect the pricing.

Do you have any moving experience you’d like to share with others? Be sure to post a comment; it’s much appreciated. 

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