The Best Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean and Well-Maintained

Most homes in the US have carpeting and for good reason. Carpets are great for keeping our homes warm and cozy, and they also contribute to the overall look and theme of a home. With good carpeting, your home can be the haven of comfort you’ve always wanted. But when you have carpets, you know that it can be difficult to keep it clean and dirt-free. The big question is, how do you make sure your carpets can look and feel fresh for years to come? Here are the best ways to keep your carpets clean and well-maintained.

Regular cleaning works best

 In order to keep your carpets clean and looking good, regular cleaning works best. And by regular cleaning, we mean regular vacuuming. But keep in mind that different kinds of carpets require different kinds of cleaning. For instance, carpets made of loops are a bit delicate, so they should be cleaned and vacuumed with the use of suction. A pile carpet can handle heavier and more stringent cleaning, so it’s better to clean such carpets with a beater. If your carpet is made from natural wool, it is often coated with wax, which keeps grime only on the surface, and simple vacuuming can keep it clean.

Pay attention to spills and stains

If you accidentally spill something on your carpet, make sure to treat it right away. And here’s another factor to keep in mind: spills should be blotted and never rubbed. If you try to rub the spill, it will only wear the fabric down and make the stain go deeper. Also, use cloth with a neutral color or paper towels so as not to transfer any dye to the fabric. Keep on blotting until the area is dry. Once it’s dry, vacuum it. If there is any moisture left on the carpet, it can easily lead to problems with bacteria and mold.

Use a homemade deodorizer

Carpets can absorb smells as well, and your carpets can easily smell musty and moldy if not cleaned regularly. One way you can deal with this is through regular cleaning, of course, but you can also use a homemade deodorizer. You don’t need to buy a deodorizer laden with chemicals – simply make a deodorizer at home with just a little baking soda combined with essential oil.

Have it professionally cleaned

 Sometimes, no matter how much effort you invest in trying to keep your carpets clean, it’s simply not enough. This is when it’s best to call in the experts, such as, and have your carpets professionally cleaned. The best way to clean carpets is through steam cleaning as this really gets into the depths of your carpets and tackles dirt and grime as well as mold in the most thorough way – plus, it’s safer, too.

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